A Quick Overview of Pipezillas Online Slot

The world of online slots is pretty swamped with many similar looking titles that usually emulate the theme of more successful games. Taking a more original approach is Games OS with their Pipezilla title. It has a completely original approach to its theme just like many other Games OS titles. The pokie game takes place underground in a city’s sewer system. The sewer pipes are inhabited by a group of cute monsters that seem to be making a living ransacking the parking meters above ground. Not just in terms of coinage, but they seem to be removing the entire meter and bringing it to their underground lair. These little monsters are known as the Pipezillas.

It is not just the theme that is unique but the graphics themselves. Rather than the usual animated drawing style of many slot games, Pipezilla has more 3D, computer graphic styled characters and backgrounds. The game includes a unique bonuses feature, wild symbols that can substitute any other symbol and scatter symbols that pay out based on their amount on careen  rather than whether the appear in a fixed pay line.

The In Game Wager System

Pipezilla features five reels to play on and 20 fixed pay lines to place your wagers on. You place wagers using the in game currency of coins. You can adjust the value of your wager coins in the menu at the bottom of the screen. The minimum value per coins is $0.20 per pay line. This amount can be increased to up to $2 per pay line. With twenty fixed pay lines, the maximum bet per spin you can place, is $40.

The Pipezillas Wild Bonus Symbol

The green monster holding the sign that says wild is not making a declaration, but instead he is indicating that he acts as the wild symbol. This little green monster will substitute his value for any symbol that is required to complete a winning combination on a fixed payline. The Wild symbol can also become an extended wild where it appears on the reel. When it does the wild symbol will extend the length of the entire reel, making all symbols on that reel wild.

Pipezillas Free Spin Bonuses

The free spins in Pipezilla are activated by the red monster holding the scatter symbol. If you get three of its symbols on screen you will be rewarded with five free spins that you take immediately. Four scatter symbols on screen gives you ten free spins, while five symbols reward you with fifteen free spins. During the free spins round, all other bonus features are still active and if you manage to get more of the Red monster scatter symbols on screen, the free spins will retrigger.

The Monster Races Bonus Feature

The unique bonus feature in Pipezilla is the exhilarating Monster Races bonus section. To trigger this bonus phase you will need to line up at least three of the blue monster symbols in one of the twenty fixed pay lines. Once you do, you will be taken to a new screen where you must pick a winning monster racer from a group. The monsters will start a race down the drain pipes. Your bonus multiplier will depend on how much you wagered on the winning combination as well as by how far your monster racer won.