Details about Lucky Diamonds Online Slots Casino Game

What speaks to a sense of lavishness more than a diamond does? These precious stones have long been coveted as one of the world’s most valuable, and as a result, have drawn associations to the rich, famous and fabulous over the years. Of course, this then makes it the perfect base with which to theme an online casino game.

Play ‘n’ Go Software has done just that with Lucky Diamonds, an online slots game that follows a classic formula. With diamonds and bright colours splashed all across the reels, it offers players a quick, convenient online slots game option that can be accessed from almost anywhere at any time of the day or night.

A Simple Structure to This Casino Game

Lucky Diamonds online casino game is not one that is loaded with bonus games and features. Players who are looking for a bonus game won’t find one here, as there are none to be triggered. Instead, this game offers a very simple structure. The fact that this aspect of the game is an uncomplicated one makes for speedy, streamlined playing. In other words, all that players really have to worry about is figuring out how much they are actually willing to bet on each spin they make.

Compatible with a Number of Devices

The fact that Lucky Diamonds online casino game is a simple one with a very basic structure means that it can very easily be translated and adapted to function on a number of devices. Players will be able to access this game on their mobile phones and tablet devices, as well as via their desktop or laptop computers. Whichever option they prefer, players will be able to choose as this game was designed to be a responsive one, which means that it automatically adjusts to fit the screen of whatever device it is being played from.

Lucky Diamonds online casino game is a no-fuss variation of the slots games that have become so popular in this day and age. The game has a simple structure with just a few symbols and very few extras, making it highly reminiscent of the original slots games created. While it is quite basic in its offerings, it still makes for fun entertainment and could lead to considerably big wins.

How to Win the Jackpot

This online slots game has just four symbols adorning its reels. These are all ones that have long been associated with slots games and include the likes of cherries, a 777 sign, a bar sign and of course, Lucky Diamonds. The latter symbol is the highest paying one, and awards players up to 1600 coins. By spinning three of these symbols, players will be awarded the jackpot of 2500 coins. The paytable is easy to understand and players will very soon get into the hang of it, as there are so few symbols. While this game will not yield any free spins, it makes for a nice ode to the slots games of yesteryear.