A Guide for Golden Knight Online Slot Players

Game developers High-5 Games (H5G) designed their Golden Knight video slots game, available for online and mobile play on both Android and iOS devices, around a familiar medieval legend: the dashing knight rescuing the fair princess from the dragon. The game’s four lines and five reels, outlined in a filigree gold frame, are displayed against […]

Throwing Light on Playing at the UK Bingo Sites

Most leading gaming and casino software providers have delved into the UK bingo market, and this provides the players with an opportunity to compare the different games, styles and themes. The top online bingo sites are happy to provide free versions of bingo since it is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the games, possible rewards […]

Understanding Extreme Statistics In Betting

Any bettor that is serious about placing smarter bets will undoubtedly do research. But, the act of researching in itself can lead to confusing, easily misunderstood information. One such anomaly that can occur is referred to as extreme event results, which give a drastically inaccurate picture of a situation.

How To Bet On The IPL – And Win

Every cricket fan will tell you: there’s nothing quite as thrilling as the annual Indian Premier League (IPL). Although much newer than any other major cricket tournament, with the first IPL played as recently as 2008, the competition almost instantly shot to popularity. Today, the IPL is one of the most popular global cricket tournaments […]

Honest Betting Guide On Formula 1

Formula 1 is one of the world’s most followed sports, and is a favourite among fans of sports betting, both locally and online. It’s a great sport to watch, with incredibly fast cars, skilled drivers, and offers heart-stopping events that take place from Australia to Italy.

A Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide To eSports Betting

Considered the fastest growing sport in the world, eSports are wildly popular throughout the globe, with hundreds of millions of followers, plenty of games to choose from, we all as a number of international events. Not far behind this is eSports betting, an industry that has grown alongside eSports and become a dominant force within […]

Biggest Slots Winners Online

In a world where physical casinos have to compete with the digital and innovative world of online gambling, a ton of ridiculous rumours begin to spread as the once cohesive world of gambling now fights for a spot at the top. One of these rumours, and probably one of the most one known too, is […]