Sizzling 6 Online Slot Basics and Guide

Sizzling 6 slot by Novamatic software features six reels and six paylines

The art style for Sizzling 6 slot is a cartoon style with classic slot charm. It features bright, vivid colours that help transport the player to the classical days of slot machines, when fruits and numbers were the most popular symbols.

Behind the reel, in the background, the player can see a dark red pattern made up of tiny small, black hexagons. At the top of the background, the player can see the word Sizzling 6. This title is in a yellow to orange gradient with a fiery border. Behind the title are a number of red stripes that are used to make the title visually pop.

On the left and the right of the reel, the player can see the paylines. From top to bottom, there is a yellow square with a four, a red square with a two, a blue square with a one, a green square with a three and finally a pink square with a five. This makes it very easy for the player to identify where the paylines are so they can see when they’ve got a good spin on the reel.

At the bottom of the reel, the player is provided with information about the slot and their bets. There is a panel. In this panel is a credit count, a green auto play button, the player’s last win, a blue paytable button, and a green flashing start button. There are also the player’s lines, bet lines, and bet. The lines and betlines can be adjusted up or down with plus and minus buttons. All of this information is displayed in bright yellow font so it is easy for the player to see.

Sizzling 6 Slot Symbols

The symbols for Sizzling 6 slot are a mix of classic symbols from the original slots that were first developed many years ago. The firs slot symbol is a bright red cherry with a brown stem and a green leaf. The second symbol is an exotic purple fruit with brown stem and green leaf. The third symbol is a green and yellow lemon with white outline.

The fourth symbol is a red seven with white outline. The fifth symbol is a bunch of purple grapes with brown stem and green leaves. The sixth symbol is a yellow star in front of a red square. The seventh symbol is a joker. The joker is smiling and wearing a purple, red and green hat with bells on the end. He also had on a red and blue collar with a pink gem attached to it. The eighth symbol is an orange with a white outline. The ninth and final symbol is a red and green watermelon with small black seeds.

Scatter and Wild Symbols

The joker serves as the wild symbol in this game. He is brightly coloured, smiling and hard to miss. The scatter symbol in this game is the star symbol. You’ll often see them on the reel, and when you do, it means that you have the chance to win big.