Taking a Look at Zodiac Scratch Card from NetEnt

Scratch Cards are the ideal form of gambling, as they offer instant wins. You can buy them when buying your newspaper or shopping for groceries. NetEnt, however, has given players an easy  alternative way to access the excitement of a scratch card instant win, and that is to play scratch cards at a NetEnt online casino.

NetEnt has designed some online scratch cards that are an attractive alternative to the cards you have to buy at the kiosk or store. Some of these scratch cards, like Zodiac, are an original form of scratch card.

Slot machines, which are casino games NetEnt is mainly famous for, contain many features like Wilds and Scatters, Bonus games and multipliers among other exciting features, scratch cards are mostly very simple without many special characteristics. Some of NetEnt’s scratch cards do offer certain innovations like progressive jackpots, so when you access a NetEnt online casino it will be wise to investigate the scratch cards that they offer.

The Luck of the Stars

Zodiac by NetEnt is a beautiful scratch card, and hopefully will being you all the luck of the stars. The more symbols you find of your choice of star sign, the bigger will be your wins. The payout percentage of the Zodiac scratch card wins is more than 87%.

When you start the Zodiac scratch card you first have to pick a Zodiac sign that you want to use as your primary sign. You choose the sign by clicking on a zodiac sign on the right or left side of the ticket. After you have done this you click on the Buy Ticket button, and then to click on the button Demo, which is next to the first button. This will show you how the scratch card works. When you are comfortable with the game, you can start playing for real money using debit cards etc., and then click the Buy Ticket button.

Multipliers are also Available

Now you can click on the big round area in the centre, and this displays the amount you will be playing for in the similar way “Balance” button shows the current account balance at https://canadianonlinegambling.net/cad. You will see five smaller circles, and you click on these. When you find two symbols that matches the big symbol, you will win the amount shown. Obviously, the more identical icons you manage to find, the higher will be your profits. Your winnings can be multiplied by two, four or ten. If you are lucky enough to be able to use the multiplier, you could win up to 25,000 Euros by playing this Zodiac scratch card. You can click on the Pay table button to find out more about all the payouts offered in Zodiac. The Pay Table will open on your screen.

You will see three settings on the Zodiac scratch card that you can adjust. At the bottom left of the screen you will see a speaker that can be used to turn sound on or off. You will also see a question mark, and by clicking on this you will see a new menu with two titles Game Rules, which will explain all the rules of Zodiac, and Game History, which will show you your previous wins in this game. This function is not available in the demo mode of the game.