A Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide To eSports Betting

Considered the fastest growing sport in the world, eSports are wildly popular throughout the globe, with hundreds of millions of followers, plenty of games to choose from, we all as a number of international events. Not far behind this is eSports betting, an industry that has grown alongside eSports and become a dominant force within the world of online betting.

There has never been a better time to break into eSports betting and all of the exciting prospects it has to offer. Use our helpful guide to start betting today.

Choosing The Right Game

The first choice any https://australiansportsbetting.net/esports/ betting fan will want to make is choosing a game that appeals to them. Fortunately, there are a multitude to choose from, as we will outline here:

League of Legends

With over a billion registered users, League of Legends is one of gaming’s biggest, and boasts millions of players at any given time. As a MOBA, the gameplay revolves around two teams battling it out against each other over different maps, with the ultimate goal being to destroy the other’s base, or Nexus. This is a great place to start, as League of Legends betting is alive and thriving.

Dota 2

Next, we have Dota 2, another MOBA, but this one run by Valve, the same company behind the popular gaming platform Steam. Using much of the same gameplay, Dota 2 has given rise to some of the largest competition events on the planet, making it a go-to for any bettor wanting to really get a taste of the action.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

More commonly known as CS:GO among its fans, Global Offensive is an FPS that is currently the world’s most-played online games, and is also home to extremely well-known events. The game itself is fast paced, offering endless action, and makes for an incredible place to start a journey of betting.

Picking an Event

There’s also the opportunity to start betting directly on big, global events, which are becoming more popular every year. These include:

The International

The godfather of modern eSports tournaments, The International is hosted by Valve, and is dedicated exclusively to Dota 2. It’s arguably the biggest in the world right now, and takes place in venues around the world. The International is the best place to start for new bettors wanting to get involved for the first time.

League Of Legends World Championship

After The International we have the League of Legends World Championship, run by Riot Games every year, and offers prize pools that are always in the millions, with 2019’s one payout out at over $2.2 million. Much like The International, it’s a fast-growing event that attracts almost as many fans as its biggest competition.

ESL Pro League

For Counter-Strike, we have the ESL Pro League, an event that fosters some of the most skilled video game players on earth right now. It can be difficult to keep up sometimes due to their speed, but there’s no denying the almost endless betting opportunities the event provides.