Biggest Slots Winners Online

In a world where physical casinos have to compete with the digital and innovative world of online gambling, a ton of ridiculous rumours begin to spread as the once cohesive world of gambling now fights for a spot at the top. One of these rumours, and probably one of the most one known too, is that online casinos don’t offer big pay-outs or jackpots.

Progressive jackpot games are common at most online slot NZ casinos and function by linking a network of online games to one jackpot game. This means that every time a bet is placed within the network, the jackpot grows, leading to some impressive, record-breaking jackpots.

These pay-outs relate to all the game modes – from slots to tables and everything in between. And the most impressive part of it all? Some of the biggest wins have been as a result of small bets – a mere 25 cents to be exact.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest online wins to date and which casinos facilitated the win so to speak.

5 Of The Biggest Online Slot Winners

  1. $24 million

We’re kicking off our list with our biggest winner, and one of the lucky few winning big on a 25 cent bet. A 40-year-old Finnish man placed a bet using the Mega Fortune jackpot game while playing online with PAF in 2013. Needless to say, the $24 million win was quite a surprise to both the casino and the mystery player.


  1. $17.2 million

In 2015, 26-year-old British soldier Jon Heywood took a chance on a 25p spin at Betway Casino, imagine his surprise when he won the $17.2 million, record-breaking online jackpot? He is the current record holder of the Top Casino Jackpot in the UK.


  1. €11.7 million (Around $14 million)

In 2011, insomnia led a Norwegian man to try his luck at some online slots on when playing Mega Fortune. His lack of sleep paid off and he won almost $14 million. Of course, the excitement of winning didn’t help with his insomnia, but we think that it may have been worth it.


  1. $9.57 million

Alexander, a 30-year-old Swedish man, took a chance on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah and ended up winning $9.57 million.


  1. $8.82 million

Mystery player D.P. later revealed to be a woman, but the rest remains unknown, decided to play a few casino games on her iPad. Little did she know that she would win $8.82 million at Zodiac Casino – the largest online progressive jackpot win on a mobile device.

Less Is More

If these winners have taught as anything, it’s that the potential for a major win using a modest bet is ridiculously high. Imagine placing a 25 cent bet and winning $24 million – that’s quite the return on investment.

So, ignore the myths and rumours, online gambling is just as competitive and lucrative as the land-based versions.