A Look at Let ‘Em Ride Casino Game Powered by RTG

Let It Ride is one of the newly created online casino games, and Real Time Gaming introduced their version in 2006, calling the game Let ‘Em Ride. The table rules and payout rates are exactly the same as you will find at any table in Las Vegas. Instead of a fixed jackpot, RTG offers a progressive jackpot in Let ‘Em Ride, which grows as players play, and where a $1 side bet might win you a shot at the big jackpots.

RTG Software is Simple and Fast

Real Time Gaming software is fast, clear and easy to use. Online casinos using RTG software also tend to be a bit more generous with bonuses than other casinos. RTG casinos all allow players from all countries, including the United States. They offer both a download and a flash version of the games.

Real Time Gaming’s Let ‘Em Ride has the standard pay table, with 1000 to 1 being the highest payout offered for a royal flush.  A Full House will pay 11 to 1, and a Flush 8 to 1. Four of a kind will get you 50 to 1. Unlike the standard games you place only one bet on the table when beginning a hand of Let ‘Em Ride, and you can choose to raise the stakes on each of the betting rounds.  It is something like playing the game Let It Ride in reverse.

A Simple Type of Poker

Let ‘Em Ride poker is a similar game to the popular Caribbean Stud, but it is not played against other players, and you are not required to beat the dealer either. Like blackjack and Caribbean Stud, Let ‘Em Ride is played at a semi-circular table with a dealer on one side and up to seven players on the other side.

A very loose strategy in this game is to raise only if your first three cards include a pair of tens or better, or have three cards into a straight flush.

A Progressive Jackpot is Available

The table is laid out in a similar way to the land based version of the game, and the Progressive play button is to the right. If you click on it your $1 bet will be collected, and you will be included in the progressive game.

Let ‘Em Ride is a simple game of poker, and easy to play as you are betting only on the results of a single hand. You first choose the amount you want to bet, with a minimum of five credits and a maximum of 250. The player is dealt three cards facing up, and two cards facing down. To turn up the first card that is lying face down, you either choose to continue without raising your bet, or you choose to raise your bet if you think that you have a strong hand.

Depending on the value of the card you then turn up, you can again choose either to continue, or to raise your bet. The aim of Let ‘Em Ride poker is to get the highest value hand possible, with a minimum of a pair of tens being required for a win. If your hand is worth anything less than two tens, the dealer wins the round. Of course, if you have a strong hand you will win a bigger payout. Part or all of the progressive jackpot may be won depending on the value of the hand that you hold.