Having a Quick Glance at Double Bonus Poker by RTG

Double Bonus Poker from Realtime Gaming is another take on Jacks or Better, which a traditional video poker game.

Double Bonus Poker by Realtime Gaming features quite traditional graphics – forgoing the flashy and sometimes overcomplicated rendering of online slots and some other video casino games to bring the player the most straight forward gaming experience without any of the fuss.

The background of this video poker game is a classic navy blue with a pattern of playing card suits. The suits shown include hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. At the bottom of the playing area, the player is given two betting options along with the deal button. Bet one, which is a blue button, allows the payer to select one of five pre-selected betting columns. By pressing the blue bet one button, the player can cycle between these five betting options to pick the one that they would like to use on their next hand. If the player hits the green bet max button, the game will assume the player wants to bet the maximum amount possible and will automatically deal the hand.

The player must realise that pushing the bet max button means that they are committing to betting the maximum amount and starting the game. Once the bet max button is pushed, the player is not able to then select a smaller betting amount as the cards will have already been dealt.

Playing Double Bonus Poker

Above the betting options are five playing cards with blue and white patterns on the back of them. Once the player hits the deal button, the cards are flipped over the show the player’s hand. The player must then select the cards that they would like to hold on to. The player then pushes the draw button.

After the player has pushed the draw button, the cards that they have not indicated that they would like to hold on to will turn into different cards. Depending on the combination of cards that the player ends up with, they are then paid out according to the chart.

To the right of the playing cards, the player can see their bet increment, the total number of credits they have won, the number of coins they have played and the total balance they have available to play with.

Double Bonus Poker Payouts

At the top of the screen, the player can see the betting options they have available as in many other casino favourites at https://mobilecasino.ph/real-money. On each hand, the player can bet between one and five coins. Depending on how many coins the player chooses to bet, there are different payouts for the various winning combinations.

The combinations for winning from lowest to highest include jacks or better, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind with five through king cards, four of a kind with two through four cards, four of a kind with aces, straight flush and royal flush.

The highest paying winning hand is a royal flush with a max bet and this pays four thousand coins. The lowest paying hands are jacks or better or two pair with a one coin play and both of these pay out one coin.