An Introduction to Premier Roulette from Microgaming

Premier Roulette, created by Microgaming, is regarded as one of the definitive online roulette game playing experiences. It features a fully rendered 3D online roulette wheel, which acts exactly as one would in the real world. Plus, with a voice announcer and smooth user friendly interface, one couldn’t ask for much more when playing roulette online. The game is available to play on multiple websites, and is available on mobile phone, tablet, home computer and laptop.

Standard Roulette Betting Options

The standard betting options of roulette apply to the game, which are generally known to those familiar with the game. The player may, of course, bet on a specific number if they are feeling lucky, which will give a substantial payout. There is also the option to bet on all even numbers and all odd numbers, the option of which is found near the bottom of the betting table. Alternatively all red pockets may be bet on, and all black pockets. On the right of the table is the option to bet on all of a particular row. Else, the first twelve, second twelve and third twelve are also offered as a AFL premiership betting option. The trick of roulette is to spread out money and minimise losses, while banking on the statistical chance that a long bet will eventually payout. For example, a player may wish to bet on the number twenty three, but also place bets on red, and on the first twelve. This gives sixty seven percent coverage of the table, and will at least cover the bet if the first twelve is landed, and offer back a small amount if the red is landed. When the twenty three is eventually landed, however, the payout will be a big one. How one chooses to play roulette is up to them, but a strategy is recommended.

Added Betting Options and Specials

Premier Roulette is based on the European version of the game, meaning that there is only one zero pocket, and the en prison rule applies. The en prison rule states that, should the zero pocket be hit and the player has bet on even, they will lose half their original bet and be forced to leave the remaining amount on even. Premier Roulette also has the addition of the pro betting options, which include Voisins du Zero, Tier, Orphelins and Neighbours. These options offer combinations of bets on a selection of numbers, which help balance out the risk of each spin. These options are found on the left of the screen at, and have self explanatory layouts. If, however, the player would like more detailed information on these added betting options, they can click or tap on the help button.

Fun Play and Real Play

Premier Roulette is available to play for free, and can be enjoyed using virtual currency. In order to play for free, simply open the game without being logged into an account. If the player wishes to spin for real money, this option is always available. An active account will be required, as well as available funds.