More Details about American Roulette

Roulette is known across the globe, and is generally the focus of attention in any casino it resides. With easily graspable rules, plus lightening fast turn around times, the game offers everything desired by the average person in terms of gambling. Virtually anyone may step up, make a bet, and know if they have won or lost in just a few moments.

But is roulette a standardised game? Is every roulette wheel and betting table identical? The answer to both these questions is no; roulette has variations, and knowing the difference between the variations can offer the gambler a significant edge. The two most well known variations of the game are American and European.

What is European Roulette?

The game of roulette originated in Europe, and so it stands to reason that the most pure version of the game is considered to be the European version. The spinning wheel still spins, players still bet on a betting table, and the turn around times are still lightening fast. What is the difference? An eagle eyed person may notice that there is a zero pocket on the roulette wheel, and a zero on the betting table. Further eagle eyed observation may now spot that the zero pocket is not included in any of the broader betting options offered by the table. This means, of course, that a gambler must bet specifically on the zero to ever earn payouts from it. In other words, the zero pocket is the house edge, or statistical chance that the casino always wins. How else would they stay in business?

American Roulette Explained

In the American variation of roulette, there is the standard zero pocket of the European version, but also an added double zero pocket, likewise excluded from broader betting options. This addition raises the house edge by a very significant amount. In other words, a player is at an immense disadvantage if playing the American version. It need not be said that if one is going to play internet roulette, they should, by all means, refuse to play the American version.

What If Zero is Hit?

In American roulette if the zero pocket is hit, or double zero pocket, players lose all wagers, unless they specifically bet on either of these two pockets. There is, however, an additional rule in European roulette that further offers the player a chance. If the player bet on even, and the zero is hit, the en prison rule is put into effect. This means that the player will lose half the bet, but is allowed to leave the money where it stands for another spin.

Which Casinos Have American Roulette?

As the name would suggest, American roulette is largely only offered in the United States. The majority of the rest of the world insists on playing the European version, for obvious reasons. At online casinos, however, European roulette is generally always offered, and may sometimes even be played alongside the European version. Be sure to confirm which version you playing when putting down real money.