Club Regent Casino Connected To a Winnipeg Hotel

Club Regent Casino is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is one of the two casinos in the city, the other being McPhillips Station Casino. They are both owned and operated by the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation, and in turn, the Government of Manitoba. Club Regent Casino opened in 1993, and the casino is connected to the Canada Inns Club Regent Hotel.

A Huge Theatre and Concert Area

The hotel and casino are situated on Regent Avenue in the Winnipeg neighbourhood of Transcona. They are only fifteen km from the Winnipeg International Airport. The interior of the casino has a theme reminiscent of the old Aztec or Maya civilizations, although the exterior has a Caribbean flavour, with a grove of artificial palm trees. The casino also has a beautiful concert stage area, seating over a thousand people, where regular comedy acts and musical performances are held. The large Event Centre has up to date technology, lighting and sound equipment, and gives the citizens of Winnipeg the opportunity to host a gala dinner or meeting, or a trade show or convention.

The Famous Aquarium Tunnel

The casino area is divided into two main parts. The first area contains a large number of slot machines, and VLTs, or Video Lottery Terminals. These machines are similar to a slot machine, and allow players to wager on the outcome of a video game. They are stand-alone terminals, similar to a slot machine, but connected to a central computer system that allows the lottery jurisdiction to monitor the game. This first area is connected to the second area through the Aquarium Tunnel, which is walled by an aquarium containing many varieties of exotic salt-water fish.

A Range Of Games to Suit All Tastes

The second area of Club Regent Casino contains more Video Lottery Terminals, even more slots games and a complete table game area. The table games include a wide variety of gaming options to suit every player, like Blackjack and poker games including the popular Texas Hold’em, Pai Gow poker and Bonus Poker. There are also numerous baccarat tables and roulette wheels. Next to the Table Game area is a large poker room, seating many ten seat poker tables for tournament play.

Regular Poker Tournaments

A bamboo style staircase will take you downstairs to the old poker area where there are additional poker tables. There are also some No Limit Texas Hold’em poker games run, and regular poker tournaments are held.

The Club Regent Hotel is owned and operated by Canada Inns, a Winnipeg hotel chain. It is the only hotel in Winnipeg connected to a casino. The hotel contains 146 hotel rooms as well as an indoor swimming pool and fitness centre. It is located near shopping facilities and is only minutes away from downtown Winnipeg. The hotel has a four star rating from Canada Select. There is also the Forks National Historic Site close by, as well as the Winnipeg Railway Museum.

Both the Club Regent Casino and the hotel offer the usual credit and debit card options. Customer service at the casino is excellent, and available all day, every day.